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Terms of trade

Terms of Service

These terms and conditions apply AlePrint Oy (vendor) and client (the buyer) between the products / services, e-commerce and other trade mutatis mutandis, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Our prices do not include VAT. Sales Prices are valid until further notice. Seller reserves the right to change prices without notice. Customs, or any of the supplied tax or a levy was added to the price under currently prevailing laws, and according to the price lists.


The term of delivery is free to our warehouse in Helsinki. Sales Price is unpackaged goods. Packaging / handling / freight charges and will be billed separately (actual delivery costs are now reported through the web shop orders done before the customer accepts the order). Delivery shall be deemed approved unless the complaint is within five days of receipt of the goods. Liability passes to the buyer when the goods have been delivered to the buyer, or a shipping company. Product is considered delivered when the product is shipped, reported to be ready for pick-up or takeover of the transport company.


General delivery time is 1-5 working days, subject to the goods / supplies / materials available from stock. Certain specialty products we do not store at all, or purchase orders for these products are made only on the basis of orders. Delivery above-mentioned products may be longer than the standard period, especially in the case of a special size / order number. Seller agrees to notify (primarily by e-mail, alternatively, by telephone) the customer about schedule changes, the reason for the schedule changes, and the new schedule of the manufacturer if it is feasible. Seller shall not be liable to compensate the buyer arising from potential direct or indirect damage to an order and / or any delay in delivery due to reasons that are not caused by the seller′s improper and / or malfunctioning. If the buyer does not explicitly cancel your subscription and / or refuse to approve vendor announced extended delivery, or other similar delay in the delivery schedule, the seller shall be entitled to deliver the ordered goods and to charge the full cost of the original order. Delivery ends leaving the delivery of our movement, or when the purchaser of the product have been notified to be ready.

Printed by

The purchaser shall submit print-ready material (if it is not our design implementation, or in electronic form can be found in our material), electronically or in any other manner acceptable to the seller. The buyer is responsible for the submitted material / weight of commissioned work and the accuracy of the information. Proof design and arrangement. If the buyer does not indicate the order in connection with all the required information on the contents of a print job (eg, quality, size, font styles, materials, or color), the seller has been ordered to carry out printing work as it sees fit for printing, taking into account the characteristics of the product.

Terms of Payment

Payments by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard

If you wish to pay by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, Kaunokaiverrus Ltd acts only as the marketer of products and services, and

In addition to supply products to the buyer. Claims made by the Finnish Network Ltd. Fees.

Finnish Online Payments Ltd operates the Visa, Visa Electron or

MasterCard payments positions in product selling and trading

create the client and the Finnish Verkkomaksut Oy between. The seller is liable

are all related to the trade. Finland Verkkomaksut Ltd

the payee.

Finland Verkkomaksut Ltd, Business ID: 2122839-7

Ohjelmakaari 10

40500 Jyväskylä

Phone: 0207 181830

Online banks

E-payment is the payment and financial services to implement the Finnish Verkkomaksut Ltd (2122839-7), in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Finnish Online Payments Ltd will buy the payment and remit it to the seller. User of the service works just like a conventional online.

The possibility of the billing

Companies, cities, municipalities, and the Y-code in their own communities have the opportunity to order products by invoice. Contact your OS. print (at) billing related matters. Note The time is five days from the invoice date and payment term generally 7 days net.


The seller gives a guarantee of correctness to the extent that the manufacturer / supplier will be granted. Buyer shall promptly deliver to the seller of defective products. The warranty does not apply to damage arising from improper storage, handling or use. Product changes or normal wear and tear are not covered by warranty. Defective product, postage paid to the seller and the buyer of a new product delivery to the buyer is responsible for the seller. New product warranty period starts from the beginning date of delivery. Seller′s liability for defects is limited to the warranty, nor the seller is not liable for any consequential damages.


The buyer can cancel the order among the orders only in writing and the seller′s consent. Individually labeled product is not a cancellation or palautussoikeutta, unless the seller has acted in contravention of the agreed order. If the seller has already dealt with an order until the time of printing, the buyer is obligated to pay, despite a written withdrawal of the products. For this reason, should first ascertain what stage the order is and then go to cancel the order.

Returning a product

Always contact the dealer before the return! Return Policy is 14 days (does not apply to individual products merkattuja) Returned product shall be charged first with a new product, in the alternative, will be credited. For this reason, it is very important to first contact the dealer to return can be delivered quickly and accurately back to the seller and the buyer receives money or a replacement product is also fast.

The following information must be recovery package:

  • A copy of your receipt or at least the order and invoice number, customer name
  • Reason for return
  • Which of the products will be exchanged and where they are converted
  • Who is the seller′s return has been agreed with, and because
  • Account number, bank account and the name of the owner if the fit is not to be exchanged for any products

The buyer is obliged to return without delay, but not later than seven (7) days after the settlement of the return. Otherwise, the seller believes the buyer to accept the order and receive your refund.


The transaction may be caused by differences of opinion should be the primary care between the parties. If it is impossible to reach an agreement, then the matter dealt with the seller′s domicile in the District Court.

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