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Requirements for layouts

A layout is a file that is an approved design solution, finished in processing and prepared for printing, not requiring any further changes.

READY LAYOUTS ARE NOT PHOTOS OR SCAN OF YOUR PAST BUSINESS CARD OR FLYERS, SCREENSHOTS FROM SCREEN as well as files created in applications that do not support PostScript CMYK color separation and do not take into account pre-printing features (for example, programs like Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Exel, Microsoft Word, etc.).

To create a layout suitable programs are only such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw! However, before uploading your layouts it is highly desirable to save it in universal exchange formats, such as PDF, TIFF, JPG.

Formats TIFF, JPEG (maximum quality compression), PSD, PDF
Resolution The resolution is 300 dpi for all printing products, for business cards from 300 dpi to 600 dpi
The size of the layout The actual size is + 3 mm on each side under the cut, for the business cards + 2 mm on each side (for details, see below)
Workspace It should not contain non-printable objects (labels, cut lines, comments)
Saving options When saving, use the "Uncompressed" function and merge all the layers
Color Profile For optimum printing, use - CMYK (CoatedFOGRA39)
Total paint coating Not more than 300%
Minimum font size 4 pt
Full-bodied black C80 M60 Y50 K100
File size The maximum size of the uploaded file should not exceed 100 MB
Also you can find out the sizes and download templates for the preparation of layouts:
Format before cutting (pre-cut format):
111 x 154 mm
format of sheet (after-cut format):
158 x 148 mm
safety line (safety zone):
99 x 142 mm

An example of a correct layout (dimensions are given for a booklet size A4 in the folded form, in the unfolded - A3):
Format before cutting (pre-cut format):

the size of the booklet, taking into account the departures under the bleed.

The size of this field for all products is equal to +3 mm on each side, or +6 mm in width and height.

426 mm (width)x 303 mm (height)
booklet format (after-cut format):

the size of any polygraphic production

420 mm (width)x 297 mm (height)
safety line (safety zone):

It shows the boundaries of the zone in which it is safe to place important elements. It is calculated from the actual size minus 3 mm on each side.

414 mm (width)x 291 mm (height)
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