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Order pickup in the center of Helsinki -
Lönnrotinkatu 16 L 13

How to order?

  1. To get started, select the desired products from the top menu
  2. You can choose the circulation, paper and other parameters and see how the price changes
  3. Upload the file with your layout (you can check the layout requirements)
  4. Fill in the remaining required fields, if necessary - the delivery address
  5. You can write wishes on the order in the field "comments", if they go beyond the standard formv
  6. Fill in the fields with name, phone and email
  7. Click "send" and we will receive your application
  8. We will check the correctness of the layout, then we will bill you and start bringing your order to execution
  9. When the order is ready - you will receive a letter of order readiness
  10. If you have any questions - contact us by phone or write a message
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