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Order pickup in the center of Helsinki -
Lönnrotinkatu 16 L 13

1.Select product 2.Select amount of pieces, size, paper etc. 3.Upload your file 4.Send us your request 5.We’ll review your file 6.We’ll call you to confirm your order, than we’ll print it 7. Pick-up point at the office in Helsinki city center / Delivery all over Finland

Methods issuance and delivery
of the order

  1. You can receive the orders in our office at

    Lönnrotinkatu 16 L 13, 00120 Helsinki

    Phone: +358 46 923 7565

    e-mail: [email protected]

    Y-tunnus: 2682193-1

    Operating hours: ma-pe 9.00 - 17.00

    Legal address: c/o NordConsult Oy Kaivolahdenkatu 6, 00810, Helsinki

  2. If necessary, you can arrange delivery in Helsinki or Finland.
  3. Courier delivery is possible in Helsinki, other cities - mail delivery.
  4. The cost of delivery depends on the volume of printed materials and is usually 5-10 euros, not including VAT
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